Our Crew


Left to right: James, Lucas, Dennis (dockmaster), and Kenny

Not pictured: Isabella and Tyler


Dennis Mann is the dockmaster at Deltaville Marina and a prominent member of the Middlesex community. He is a volunteer paramedic and captain for the Middlesex County Volunteer Emergency Medical Services unit. He is also an entrepreneur and published author.


Employee Spotlight


Lucas is a 17-year-old rising senior at Mathews High School. This his is first summer working at Deltaville Marina, and he is enjoying it. He appreciates getting to meet new people from all over the world, and he likes hearing of their travels. At the marina, Lucas fuels boats, performs pump-outs, helps in the store, and does much of the landscaping, including tending to the herb and vegetable gardens. But, most of all he is eager to help customers in whatever way he can, whether it is helping load supplies on their boat or docking.

Outside of the marina, Lucas spends his time playing soccer, going to the beach, and having fun with his family and friends. He is an A and B honor roll student who would like to go to college for computer science after he finishes high school. He also enjoys eating! While he doesn’t do too much cooking, he knows all the best places in town to grab a bite – his favorite being the taco bar special at The Galley on Thursdays.

Come meet Lucas and the rest of our crew at what’s being called the friendliest marina around!