Frequently Asked Questions

How close are you to the Chesapeake Bay?
Less than a mile! Deltaville Marina is the closest full-service marina in the area to the Bay.


What is the approach depth to your marina?
We have depths of 10' right up to the fuel dock.


But I've heard the entrance to Jackson Creek is narrow and shallow?
It is narrow, and it can be shallow, but not in the middle of the channel. There is definitely some shoaling in the Jackson Creek entrance around the red and green markers if you get to close to the channel markers you run the risk of running aground. Please take our advice, a.k.a. local knowledge, STAY IN THE MIDDLE! There is plenty of depth.


What is the largest vessel you can accommodate?
Our slips on average are rented to vessels no larger than 55'. However, we can berth transient vessels up to a 130' plus on our face docks.


Are your docks fixed or floating?
We have both fixed and floating docks.


What about electricity at the docks?
We offer 30 amp and 50 amp electrical service. Customers visiting overnight, weekly or monthly pay an additional fee for electricity. 


Can I have mail sent to your Marina?
Absolutely. Our address may be found on the Contact page. In order for your mail to easily find you please be sure to include your name and/or boat name on the package. General US postal mail may be picked up in the Marina office. Deliveries from UPS, FedEx, DHL or other carriers arrive at our Boatyard parts department and may be picked up there, or in the Marina office.


What is your policy on pets?
We are a pet-friendly marina and offer a large dog-walking area behind our bathhouse.  However, we ask that you pick up after your pet and we require that all dogs be leashed to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone.  If your dog likes to 'talk', please leave him at home so that others may enjoy the tranquility of their visit. 


What does is the cost to pump-out my holding tank?
Our pump-out facility, located at our fuel dock, is totally free! Yep! We are serious about keeping the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries clean, so we offer boaters a complimentary self-service pump-out.  


Is your pool available to the general public?
No, Deltaville Marina's pool is for the exclusive use of our slip tenants and their guests.  


When does your pool open?
We will open our pool at the first sign that the warm weather is here to stay, and close it when it's too cold to swim. Normally this happens in early May and lasts through October sometime. 


Do you get hurricanes?
Deltaville is certainly considered to be within the hurricane zone. Our policy is that all slipholders remove their vessels from the marina in the event of a named storm taking aim at the region. 


Do you have a boat ramp?
Unfortunately, there are no public boat ramps on Jackson Creek. Norview Marina on Broad Creek has a ramp available for a fee.  There are also public (free) ramps at the end of Stamper's Bay Road on the Piankatank River, in Wake on the Rappahannock River, and on Gwynn's Island. 


Do you have a travel lift or repair facility? 
Located next door to us is one of the region's best yacht yards, Deltaville Boatyard. They are a full-service American Boat and Yacht Council Certified Service yard with a 75-ton and 35-ton travel lift capable of hauling vessels upwards of 90' with a max beam of 23'. Please visit their website for additional information,


Do you have a place I can keep my tender or kayak?
We have dinghy rack spots available to our slip-holders on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


Can I use a grill on my boat?
No. Use of any type of grill either on the boat or on the dock is strictly prohibited. We provide a gas grill in our screened lounge at the top of D-dock. 


Do you allow long-term storage/parking of vehicles or campers while we are cruising?
No. Unfortunately, we do not have the space to allow this. There are other options available in Deltaville for long-term storage of vehicles, please see Dockmaster for details.