Code of Conduct for Online Community

We're very happy to have our new online community, and that you're going to join us there. While we wish we didn't have to, we do have to have a code of conduct for joining us here.

Please be respectful to all members. That includes: no cursing, threats, intimidation, harrassment, stalking, sexual innuendos or harrassment, violent photographs or behavior, or personal attacks. A good rule of thumb is to keep scrolling if you have something negative to say about someone personally. If someone sees this, please alert the moderator. We want everyone to feel included and this be a positive place to stay connected.

Be patient with one another and the moderator. We may not see your question immediately, but we will be sure to get to it as soon as we can. The moderator checks this page twice a week.

Please try to communicate clearly, and if someone misunderstands your intent or words, please try to work through that constructively.

This is a closed group with approval to join. Please respect other's privacy by not downloading, sharing, or posting personal information, including stories, photographs, and other information without explicit permission by the person posting to do so. In no way should someone's information be released without approval or in a negative manner.

If a violation has been found, the moderator will notify someone privately first, along with others that may be involved. The next violation will be made publicly. If a third violation is found, the person will be removed from the group.

Most of all, we want this to be a fun community for the marina!